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Through TurnUp, we have the power to go out and drive change. We enable large organizations, individual activists, and people of all backgrounds to collaborate and organize for rapid social change. Our force is unstoppable.

TurnUp is THE tool for activism during these unprecedented times.



Find and Post Events

No need to scour the internet to find ways to get involved: discover user and group-organized events in your community and join your friends at the events on their calendar. You can find events by location or by your interests in social justice. You’ll earn Impact Points for attending and sharing events.

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Scrolling Newsfeed

See what your friends and your selected organizations have been doing. Share, find events and digital activism opportunities, and post like you would on other social media platforms.

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We want to make sure your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. When you TurnUp your activism, either by downloading TurnUp, posting your ideas, or attending events, you’ll earn Impact Points that show you just how effective your activism has been. Earn badges along the way that celebrate your achievements.

Measure YOUR Impact

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We’ve compiled pre-existing resources for young activists all into one place. No need to search dozens of websites to learn about particular issues or how to organize a protest, you’ll be able to access it all in one, easy-to-use location.

In-App Resources

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TurnUp notifies and informs you of upcoming election dates, registration deadlines and specific voting laws in your state and in others. Use TurnUp to remind your friends about upcoming elections and get awarded for doing it. You can also easily access voter registration links right from the app to ensure your ability to make your voice heard.

Participate in
Civic Engagement

Connect for Change

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TurnUp helps all activists make meaningful change, and will encourage collaboration among all activists for the maximum impact. Direct and group messaging within the app will allow for immediate communication, feedback, and advice between all activists and all groups. Follow your friends and social justice organizations to discover events and content and to connect with other activists like you.


Use this social platform, geared for social change, to show the world how you’re Turning Up your activism.

TurnUp aims to harness the energy of young people into societal change with this simple and powerful app, made for 21st-century activism.

Let’s be the most active generation in history!


Now available in the App Store and Google Play Store!


Orgs, Campus Ambassadors, Staff.

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