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About us:


We are the largest and fastest-growing coalition of youth turnout advocates, powered by a diverse team of over 4,000 youth organizers, 20,000+ young volunteers, hundreds of partner organizations, and thousands of individual donors from every corner of the Country. TurnUp is a community united by a commitment to increase youth voter registration and turnout at the polls by fully investing in our young people, removing systemic barriers to civic participation and amplifying our generation’s collective and formidable voice. We provide the education, tools, and opportunities needed to create a civically competent and engaged electorate of young voters armed with the skills to strengthen our democracy for generations to come.

The generational makeup of the United States is shifting dramatically. In 2024, Millennials and Gen Z will account for almost 45% of the electorate. Young people voted in historic numbers in 2018, 2020, and 2022 and were the determining factor behind the election results in each respectively. TurnUp organized by far the largest youth-led youth voter registration and turnout operation in the 2020 election, the 2022 midterms and the 2021 & 2022 Georgia runoff elections based on publicly available data.

Turnout increased 10 points among 18-29 year-olds in 2020. 2022 saw the second highest youth midterm voter turnout in history with particularly high turnout in key battleground states. In both Georgia runoff elections, young people cast many more votes than the margin of victory. More than 8 million young people turn 18 before the 2024 election. Young people’s increased participation at the ballot box correlates to an increase in progressive victories. Our generation will soon dominate the electorate and have the power to define the scope of our political priorities.

More than 4 million young people will turn 18 in 2023, with millions more becoming eligible to pre-register to vote depending on their state. Our goal is to register every newly eligible voter and pre-registrant in key states where the votes of young people can make the biggest impact in 2024. We are hiring students in key states to run voter registration drives at their high schools and to relationally contact each newly eligible student at their high school or college reminding them to register to vote. We are also utilizing our internship program and online tools to register voters.

All of our work is focused on targeting the key swing states where youth can make the biggest impact: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin and West Virginia.

Young people have shown us that with support from TurnUp's programs they will show up in droves and be the energetic changemakers that our democracy needs.

TurnUp is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and mobile app that comprises the largest youth-led voter registration and turnout initiative. We’re on a mission to strengthen democracy by increasing high impact youth civic action and closing the gap between young people who want to take civic action and those who actually take action. TurnUp includes five integrated programs
that work together to increase youth voter
registration and turnout: the internship training program; online program; on campus and relational voter registration and turnout program; mobile app; and ideas incubator. TurnUp was
recognized by Forbes as the #1 standout tech non-profit organization of 2022.









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