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Having trained and educated 7,000+ young people, the TurnUp Remote Internship Program is poised once again to register and turn out young voters. We continue to provide an experientially-based program that empowers young advocates to become civically engaged, responsible, and educated social justice advocates.


We are galvanized by the ever-increasing need to impact the 2024 elections, protect our democratic system, and address burgeoning social justice issues. In addition to grassroots voter registration and turnout work, each intern hosts a voter registration drive at their campus.




Over 7,000 young people have been trained in our multi-month program and our rating from all our interns is above 4.9 stars.

Completed over 39,592 hours of successful voter registration and turnout efforts like text banking and phone banking, hosting registration drives, and peer-to-peer organizing, including...

20 million texts with voting and voter registration information sent by young TurnUp volunteers to young voters.

762,384 young voters had phone conversations with young TurnUp interns and volunteers about why, how, and where to vote or register.

This program’s holistic approach to educating, connecting, and empowering young people has become a proven model for creating civically responsible and engaged activists.


"At TurnUp I learned how powerful one voice can really be. Having participated in the Georgia elections by phone/text banking, I've seen how when people come together for a common cause, major changes can result. We are the future and working with TurnUp has given me hope for our generation."


Yordanose (Denna) Sisay


"I learned a lot about grassroots activism and what it takes to begin a non-profit. I also had to step out of my comfort zone in some ways through outreach which was a valuable experience. I also gained an understanding of how activism through social media can make a huge impact."


Emily McDonald


"TurnUp fostered an environment in which I could gain confidence in my abilities and rise to meet new challenges. Over the course of my internship, my responsibilities expanded to include innovative projects and more leadership opportunities.


Working in such a fast-growing start-up allowed me to try my hand at an array of roles and develop a diverse skill set. I am very grateful for the breadth of experiences this program offered me!"

Elanore Fuller


"This placement has fueled my passion in civic engagement and activism and serves as a great stepping stone for my future endeavors. I will continue using the app and sharing it as well. Once again, I am very grateful for this experience and want to thank everybody from the TurnUp team one last time!”  

Kate Zheng


Interested in making a difference in your community and nationwide?

Join our team of motivated youth and increase your civic

participation and knowledge!


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