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What We've Accomplished 

TurnUp organized the largest youth-led youth voter registration and turnout operations in the 2020 election, the 2022 midterms, the Georgia runoff elections, and the 2023 elections, based on publicly available data.

Since 2020, youth ages 18-29 have voted in record numbers and have been the deciding factor in elections.


with young TurnUp interns and volunteers about why, how, and where to vote or register to vote.

via digital advertising, on campus registration at over 150 campuses, and a suite of giveaways that we supported.

80,130,357 impressions

of our Snapchat, Instagram, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and TikToks ads and influencer campaigns that reminded young people to register to vote, request their ballot, vote early, or vote on Election Day, and enabled them to find their polling locations.

20,931,022 texts

with voting and voter registration information sent by young TurnUp volunteers to young voters.

762,384 young voters had phone conversations

551,867 young voters checked their voter registration


401,592 on-campus relational conversations and relational text messages

snapchat test.png

sent by TurnUp relational organizers and interns reminding their friends and high school and community college campus communities to register to vote, request their ballot, or vote.

291,024 young voters registered to vote

301,592 young voters connected to a ballot request form,

or the location of their polling stations.

via high school and community college voter registration drives, relational voter registration, digital advertising, a suite of giveaways that we supported, and our tool enabling young people to re-register to vote in the state (their home or college state) where their vote makes the biggest impact.

23,312 young volunteers

working with TurnUp to register and mobilize young voters.

39,592 hours of volunteering

from TurnUp interns who turned out in droves to register and mobilize young voters.

7,000+ young people trained and educated

through our rigorous and comprehensive virtual internship program with 3,000 students in our program this year.

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