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27 States do not require that young people learn civics and just 23% of eighth graders scored proficient or above on the National Assessment of Educational Progress civics exam, and achievement levels have remained largely unchanged since 1998. Instead, young people, particularly those from Title 1 schools who are historically disenfranchised, are being indoctrinated toward extreme anti-democratic views from radical online organizations like Prager University. Our program aims to teach civics to classrooms at Title 1 schools. Furthering our concern, we discovered during our pilot program that there was a significant need and interest from principals and teachers for support in teaching civics to their students. These reasons propelled us to further develop and market our program in the following way:

TurnUp Civics Education Workshops for the classroom/assembly are specifically designed with the understanding that Civics Education leads to Civic Engagement. Youth will have access to all that they need to become knowledgeable, inspired and engaged lifetime upholders of democracy. TurnUp Civics will also lead to both the initiation and amplification of registration drives in all of the schools that we support, increase participation in our Training Program, and generate more downloads of the TurnUp app- all outcomes that will further the resilience of our democracy.

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TurnUp makes a lifetime of civic engagement accessible with clear non-partisan instruction, experiential learning opportunities, mentors, technology - all for free, all from TurnUp. Civics education leading to Civic Engagement. TurnUp provides Civics Education Workshops designed for youth to become knowledgeable, inspired, and engaged up-holders of democracy.  

Based on our successful pilot program, we plan to continue utilizing our contact database of high school principals and network of students to offer in-school civics workshops, with a goal of reaching 75 Title One Schools before the 2022 elections

As a result of providing these workshops, an additional goal is to help these 75 Title One Schools hold successful and recurring registration drives 

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TurnUp aims to harness the energy of young people into societal change with this simple and powerful app, made for 21st century activism.

Let’s be the most active generation in history!


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