TurnUp, a non-profit, is the free hub and social network for activism. It is the fastest way to get involved with the issues and the causes you care about. Be a force for change by joining our community.

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an event

Find events from across the progressive movement in one easy to use location. Filter, sort events, and post your own events.

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Track the impact of your activism

See the difference you’re making as your Impact Score increases with each act of activism, both online and offline!


voting and

civic engagement

Register to vote and share information about upcoming elections near you, all in one place.

The tools for

social change,

all in your pocket

Access this hub of resources and websites right at your fingertips. Register to vote, learn about progressive issues and refine your activism skills.

Making the

world a better place together

TurnUp revolutionizes the way young activists communicate while facilitating the creation of new coalitions.

Democracy depends on the mobilization of millions of youth into the progressive movement.



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Turnout Activism Inc. is an IRS registered 501(c)(3) non-profit

Turnout Activism Inc. does not yet appear in IRS publication 78 because we were so recently approved, and because of an internal IRS error. However, we still are an approved 501(c)(3). You can view our IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter here.

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