TurnUp serves as a pipeline connecting youth and activists to the polls.

50 million youth under the age of 29 make up 37% of the 2020 electorate. This innovative platform is powered by a broad range of growing support including: more than 250 foundations and individuals donors, the prestigious Fast Forward tech non-profit accelerator, our esteemed advisory board, the over 50 progressive organizations and social media influencers we partner with, and our enthusiastic team of 500 young people from over 400 college campuses.

We are reversing the decline of youth voter registration.

TurnUp brings the surge of youth activists out to vote and to volunteer on critical 2020 campaigns. We are reversing the declining trend of youth voter registration which is only further exacerbated by colleges moving online; our platform is critical to increase voter registration and turnout and for youth organizing -especially in key states. TurnUp is the channel for dramatically increasing voter turnout among 18-29 year olds in time for the all-important 2020 elections. 

We are at the forefront for equality and justice.



Harnessing the social connectivity of young people

With thousands of organizations, campaigns and movements pushing for collective change and progress, communication challenges become roadblocks to massive change.


We believe that there is a unique opportunity to address these challenges, beginning with young people, who have grown up with technology as a constant presence in their lives. If young people could discover events, fellow activists, and organized groups not by luck, but through an easy-to-use and activism-specific online application, we would see massive increases in activism and higher turnout for elections.

Normalizing democratic participation

TurnUp helps make civic participation a routine for young people. It is designed to be used regularly and the constant activity on TurnUp translates into daily, routine engagement. Users can share events with friends outside of TurnUp, too, which then increases the “tent” of those regularly taking part in our democracy.


More collaboration between organizations and individuals

TurnUp, the crowd-sourced social network for activists, allows every organization and individual to communicate and collaborate together. Past organizational efforts like the Civil Rights Movement have succeeded with strong lines of communication and coordination among all kinds of activists. Our hub re-creates and expands upon these successes in a new era of activism, by connecting new and experienced student activists across the country to resources, organizations, and each other.


Making civic participation easy

Users will be notified and informed of upcoming election dates, registration deadlines and specific voting laws in their state and in others. TurnUp makes it easy for users to tell their friends about upcoming elections and users awards them for doing so. 


Everyone should be able to make change

We must close the gap in civic engagement. TurnUp is designed to be a resource for empowerment and an information freeway that is accessible to all. It’s a free mobile app and ensures that everyone has equal access to information on how to vote and how to be civically engaged and active. We want everyone to be able to turn up their activism. 


A tool for civics education

TurnUp can also serve as a tool in young people’s formal civics education. TurnUp enables students to take what they have learned in the classroom and engage in real time with activism. Because TurnUp is always up to date with current elections, news and resources, civics education teachers can rely on TurnUp to assist with their classroom activities. Students can feel the power of being part of democracy and making their voices heard. 

Student activism has always lead social change.



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