The internet has become an integral part of all of our everyday lives - over 90% of young people go online in some form or fashion every day and more than 50% report using social media as a means of receiving daily news. In contrast, 44% of our younger generations also report never using cable television networks as a source for news. Considering these statistics, it's overwhelmingly evident that in order to get young people civically engaged, we need to meet them where they are -- online.  By curating an online presence, especially on various social media platforms, organizations can help young people to become active participants in their communities and engage in important social change. 


The Internet allows effective and efficient communication with people across the globe, with the ability to touch the lives of millions of young Americans. The power to promote, plan, and execute different types of civic engagement has never been stronger, making social media an important tool for any organization that encourages political participation. From educating others on voting policies to organizing protests, social media is the key to unlocking the potential of young Americans and letting their voices be heard.

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