We know that the ideas, drive, and ability of young people need to be coupled with funding and a supportive community of mentors and peers in order for transformative technology to be created – these innovations can propel meaningful change at an unprecedented level. TurnUp Ideas is here to make that happen. We created our Civic Innovation Fund to finance this cutting-edge program which seeks to identify, advance, and support novel projects in youth-led and/or youth-focused civic technology & media that have the potential to advance youth voter turnout, activism, and engagement. 


With our vast network, growing investment power, and knowledge of the most pressing issues facing our democracy today, we are not just empowering and partnering with today’s brightest minds to create lasting change for a better tomorrow – we’re putting our money where our mouths are and financing these initiatives as well!


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We are always looking to invest in youth-focused projects with the potential to affect change. So if you have an idea, please tell us about it using the application below!

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