TurnUp serves as a pipeline connecting young people and activists to the polls

The generational makeup of the United States is expected to shift dramatically in 2024, when our youngest generations - Millennials and Gen Z - will then account for almost 45% of the electorate. Young people voted in historic numbers in 2018 and 2020 cycles, and were THE determining factor behind the election results in each respectively. So with an estimated 17 million young people turning 18 before our next Presidential election – whose increased participation at the ballot box correlates to an increase in progressive victories – this voting bloc will soon dominate the electorate and have the power to define the scope of our political priorities.

Which is why our organization is wholly focused on executing the strategies that have been proven to strengthen our democracy and increase youth turnout at the polls, yet continue to be overlooked and underfunded


We are creating new approaches aimed at increasing democratic participation and investing in solution-driven innovations designed to increase youth registering, turnout young voters, and combat threats to our democracy from every angle.


We provide the education, tools, and opportunities needed for a civically competent and engaged electorate of young voters with the skills needed to strengthen our democracy for generations to come. 


What we've accomplished

We are at the forefront for equality and justice.