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Young people have shown us that with support from TurnUp's programs they will show up in droves and be the energetic changemakers that our democracy needs.

Which is why our organization is wholly focused on executing the strategies that have been proven to strengthen our democracy and increase youth turnout at the polls, yet continue to be overlooked and underfunded. We are also creating new approaches aimed at increasing democratic participation and investing in solution-driven innovations designed to increase youth registering, turnout young voters, and combat threats to our democracy from every angle. We provide the education, tools, and opportunities needed to create a civically competent and engaged electorate of young voters armed with the skills to strengthen our Democracy for generations to come.


We're looking for software engineers to volunteer with us!


Our app is the fastest way for young people to get involved with the issues and causes they care about and become a force for change in their community.


We know that the ideas, drive, and ability of young people need to be coupled with funding and a supportive community of mentors and peers in order for transformative technology to be created. TurnUp Ideas is here to make that happen.



TurnUp saw a moment - the time to start an innovative remote training program that would allow youth to work together to advocate for issues important to young people, fight voter suppression and boost youth voter turnout.



There are over 3 million young people who will turn 18 and graduate high school in 2022.

The Youth Vote Program is going into states where youth voters can make the difference on the local, state, and federal election levels.



It's overwhelmingly evident that in order to get young people civically engaged, we need to meet them where they are -- online.  By curating an online presence, especially on various social media platforms, organizations can help young people to become active participants in their communities and engage in important social change. 

TurnUp Activism Inc. is an IRS registered 501(c)(3) non-profit You can view our IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter here.

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